Friday, 28 January 2011


No real reason to post this other than there's an impending full length coming at some point this year, so I thought I'd prick up your senses to this band.  MontrĂ©al based five piece Ensorcelor rip bone-chilling spite right out of the Earth's beating chest like it's going out of fashion.  Canadian bands always seem to add that extra level of nastiness that isn't heard anywhere else in the world - the most brutally feral aspects of WOLD, the coldness of Menace Ruine....REVENGE! (who also have a new album this year).

Their three track Urarctica Begins ep from last year showed their hand as deft conjurors of grim brutality and atmosphere - eleven minutes into the final track, The Even Doom, after all the plunging and stifled soaring of the build up, after the ragged mass of raging flesh has pulled itself together, drawn up it's energies inside a period of introspective calm it bursts forth in a monumental wave of hedonistic euphoria, an unbridled energy lashing out from it's confinement. It's a beautiful moment then keeps rushing back up and rolling away, in and out of the speakers until it's a boiling sea of foaming noise. Incredible band.

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