Wednesday, 12 January 2011

STREAM: True Womanhood - Minajah

Washington analogue avant-pop noise outfit True Womanhood have dropped a new track into existance and it's the first in the series of straight to 1/4" tape track releases they've dubbed Reel to Real.  They're ultra proud of their analogue anti-digital aesthetic, and it's hard to argue the results of this track and it velvety plush depths.  They first contacted me in the summer with a track which consisted of them battering some steel pipes about in pure freeform Industrial style - but this is such a huge leap in song-structuring that they've quickly resuited their antics into something much more elegantly dressed and dangerously poised.  I'd recommend geting in to this band now, because there's nothing so rewarding and enjoyable in music than listening to a band realise a potential and this band certainly have it and are well en route to mining some solid gold out of theirs. 

They've even been touched by the hand of genius too - according to them, and they swear it to be truth; Stevie Wonder shook their hands the day they bought the synth that this song was played on and told them it was a good choice.  It's up to you whether you believe that, but believing in their music will be much more of an instinctual animalistic response.

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