Friday, 28 January 2011



Mvlde is a German solo blackened-doom artist who has put out three demos in relatively quick succession - the first, Towers ep, being posted in September, the most recent, titled III going up on 17th January. The name is a German word that means variously basin / cavity / hollow / depression / shallow pit / recess - all evocatively soily and subterranean terms for a sound that echoes - cavernously - from those places, somewhere deep underground where the heat never feels and the light never touches.

The tracks are all pretty short for this type of music, usually anything remotely sludgy takes its time to crawl across the speakers, slowly suffocating like a snake constricting the air out of its prey. But Mvlde not only reaches his climax and moves on a lot quicker he does so by hitting quite a few different peaks in the shorter time too, so across the albums and multiple listens he reveals himself as an artist who isn't so easily defineable as it might first appear.  The overall sound is dark and noisy with a dense lurch to many of the tracks'momentum but there's also a lot of movement buried in there. For example, the single track Pyre sounds like the tortured ghost of I Wanna be Your Dog, its descending three chord riff oozing down the fretboard, but so distorted and submerged under the thick earthy tones it comes out like a grotesque exhumed corpse - and that's a good thing, obviously.

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