Monday, 24 January 2011

VIDEO: Light Asylum - Dark Allies

Neon-neo-gothic, strobescopic video for nu-Grace Jones-like scary-lady fronted two-piece Light Asylum. It's one of the more aggressive tracks off their EP and shows off Shannon Funchess’s range pretty comprehensively, though it's even more intimidating to know that she does have plenty more in her arsenal across the rest of it.  She has that kind of rich, classic sounding voice that instantly connects - she does owe a huge debt to Grace Jones and it's kind of weird having two of the stalking the Earth simultaneously, but then it's a voice that brings a certain kind of sci-fi to mind, of futuristic film-noir, of underground decadance and deviance.  I wouldn't be surprised if some evil uber-fan mastermind has vats of trial clones at different stages of success, and this is the one he's unleashed on to the surface to wreak havoc has the original's evil double.  She's sung on tracks by Telepathe, !!! and TV On The Radio, but I don't remember being confronted by her presence anywhere near as dramatically as she makes herself felt here; in her own band with synth player Bruno Coviello.

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