Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Ozmotron Remix Project

A very good friend of NFR - China based blogger Weejay, aka haonowshaokao (aka Food Tube) - is putting together a remix album of a record by two more mutual friends. I've pretty much lifted his blog post/open invitation for remixes, at his request.   I've made mine:

Ten years ago Simon and Eddie stayed up all night with a roomful of instruments and a 4-track machine and made an album called 'Ozmotron'. Nobody who has heard it can ever forget it (I think that mostly applies to the strange noises in Sandpants - permanent damage, rather than fond memories).

It's all here for download. Charging money for it seems a little unrealistic.

Track 1 - Sandpants
Track 2 - Why Doesn't The World Spin Up?
Track 3 - Monkey
Track 4 - Feet
Track 5 - Pink Elephant

So, anyway, as it's the tenth anniversary, Weejay's putting together a completely unnecessary Ozmotron remix album and is looking for contributions. This is the list of tracks, all download linked, that he's received so far:

Dave! - Sandpants Remix
c_kick - Fee Remix
Meatbreak - Why Doesn't The World Spin Up? (Meatbreak's Dr▲g Sub▼ersion Rescrub)
Rygo - Why Doesn't The World Spin Up Remix
Mr Pineapple - Pink Elephant (Pink Elephant Juice Remix)

I'm enquiring with you, all my NFR blog readers, to see if any of you would be up for reshaping these lowest of the lo-fi tracks into any form you please.  Mine is a totally beatless textural degrading, Mr Pineapple's is a subtly nuanced sophisticated folktronic kind of thing. There's also electro and speedcore - and whatever you come up with.

You can get in touch with Weejay at his blog, or Or send them to me and I'll pass them on.

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