Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Umesh Amtey Re-Presents Erebus Magazine

Umesh Amtey of Brown Jenkins and The Ash Eaters has restarted his blog Erebus Magazine.

You can also find it on Facebook

There's over 300 interviews, reviews and opinions in there to get into. Not only is the man a visionary black metal musician but he writes with laudable impiety on the vastness of all that encompasses the scenes of black and death metal.

The re-introduction to his blog starts HERE

The most recent article up is his full thoughts on the recent Ash Borer casette on Psychic Violence.

"If an artist doesn’t reflect his own life and strive to communicate his own emotions in his music do his creations have “value” in relation to musical tropes that relentlessly seek innovation and new mutations through the eye of novel, personal reflection? I don’t believe so. In relation to other concepts, tastes or desires for pleasure in music these creations of course have a different form of “value.” These concepts and tastes are in themselves entirely personal and subjective. This is why arguments about “value” in art are, at least in my opinion, almost completely superfluous as one tries to hint at or play with the seductive forces of what is, for most people, a concrete clarity and direction in a perceived objectivity. "

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  1. I hear he's managed to get himself busted for being a rip-off in the 1990s, being a neurotic stalker in the 00s, and now, for driving drunk in NC.