Thursday, 31 March 2011

SONIC ROUTER: Interview & Mix - Konx-om-Pax [Display Copy]

My second feature for the awesome Sonic Router blog is up today: An interview with Glaswegian digital artist and sonic experimenter Tom Scholefield, aka Display Copy, aka Konx om Pax. He's given the Router a mix featuring a load of far out techno and experimental electronic musics.  I had a chat to him about it and his own album which is out now.

Here's a bit - more and the mix inside the TELEPORTER:

"I started out making really really hard Jeff Mills-y techno when I was about 15, on a Yamaha DJX keyboard. Really purposeful hard as fuck loopy techno. It sounded really bad and then I learnt more about production and stuff, moved away from more traditional music and got into noise based stuff later on.

On the mix there's a thread between the tracks that ties them together, a sense of formlessness to it, an amorphousness which is a counterpoint to the more structured techno...

They are two really clear things in my head and I understood when you said formless, I like the really loose and unformulaic – no rigid bar structure or tempo, music that doesn't have a repetitive structure. Really weird compared to more traditional dance music. There's definitely quite a strong link between most of the tracks in the mix.

There’s a noisiness and a trance-y, meditative aspect running through to the last track... a kind of religious, ritualistic trance music...

That sounds like something out of Blade Runner doesn't it? I found that last track on a really cool blog; it was tagged with the genre 'Ceremony'. I like that there was a genre called Ceremony. "

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