Sunday, 6 March 2011

Could I interest anyone in a Last.FM thread?

Drowned in Sound thread haunts my blog, as is its weekly wont.

Officially The Best Week Of Music Listening This Year

...or for months, maybe even Ever if I succumb to the hyperbole fevers.  Everything that is free to download I posted on my blog in the last week or so, so if you want it come get it.

01. Ssaliva - 136
02. Clair Cassis - 85
03. †‡† - 72
04. Mamaleek - 65
05. Gayngs - 35
06. Peaking Lights - 33
07. Low - 30
07. Cold Cave - 30
09. Nicolas Jaar - 26
10. The Ash Eaters – 25

1 – Cosmic vibrations / Hypnogogic amazements. You can see from the number how much I like this, and there's only 9 tracks. The guitar line in the title track has a funky nostalgic shimmer-groove down hard.

2 – New free ep out of nowhere. Josh from velvet Cacoon. Perfect black metal in 3 minute po song sizes. Luxurious.

3 – really like this new ep. The last black metal track is absurd.

4 – 'nother free album of incredible BM, this time like nothing ever – deeply ingrained oriental influences throughout, like Fell Voices – at a push.

5 – more freeness – Affilyated 'regrinds' of Relayted tracks. Such a cool concept to this, the results are a spectacular as the originals, sometimes more so for different reasons.  You need this NOW.

6 – You also need this in your life if you don;t have it already. One of the rare albums that will improve your lot through listening

7a – new album is too too beautiful by far. Burst my heart apart on it three times.

7B – this is such a great album too, every track pumps the blood through your veins twice as hard as the last

9 –  ridiculously young talent, trotted the globe and come back with this at just 19. Ambient kraut, or something.

10 – last but by no means least – Umesh Amtey of Brown Jenkins new band's demo ep – next level disorienting funeral doom.

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