Friday, 18 March 2011

VIDEO: P For Persia - Turtles All The Way Down

Brighton's P For Persia have been forging a kinetic, non-linear path through the scuzzy underground for a few years now - famously (for me, anyway) showering stages with an unpredictably dangeous energy and an engaging predeliction for carnage. Their last album, Mount Muffin Top was a huge hit around these parts and now they have another full set of chaotic, frenetic wildcore chiptune deviance to batter into yr ears with their new self-released album Coral Canyon.

This is a video for the track Turtles All The Way Down, recorded and produced by the band -guitarist Luke Smith who has a production company called L.S Productions, with stop motion artwork created by guitar/synth mangler Alex Porter.

Full brace of lynx here for you, including Soundcloud where you can download four tracks off their album right now. GO GO GO!!!:

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