Thursday, 10 March 2011

STREAM: Wicked King Wicker - The Destruction Ritual

Wicked King Wicker is an East Coast one man sludge doom band with a limited cassette of grimly blow-out blackend drone and corrosive ultradoomscapery, released on Waves of Decay - a label I just discovered recently and who I will be posting several bands of in the next few days, offering you releases as a slow drip drip viciousness into your skull like Chinese water torture. The track posted here is from The Destruction Ritual cassette, the artwork above is from the split with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer on BSBC's Gnarled Forest label.  The colourful cornucopia of this artwork belies a harsh noisy environment, though the columns and sheep heads are subtle sledgehammer hints at the subject matter.  This is bleak and harrowing and there at least four more releases worth in his back catalogue from Cold Spring, and if that wasn't enough, he also plays in a band called Wolverine Carcass, no less.  

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