Friday, 18 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Tree of Sores - Tree of Sores

Tree of Sores
Tree of Sores


Trio from Leeds make epic ep of crushing shapeshifting doom. CD version is released on Witchhunter Records, limited to just 150 copies so be quick, if it's not too late already. bands with this much promise don't stay in stock for long. And by promise, I mean already delivering in the extreme.  The production might need a bit of beefing to add some more weight, but it's not so necessary.  The gnarly grunting basslines and sheer walls of guitar scree morph beween solemn chugging and cyclones of kinetic fury with an intrinsicly momentus sense of composition. No aimless drift between segments, just pure atmospheric build and howling release with hair raising, teeth clenching results. The six tracks are also heightened with the addition of female vocals - too rare in this kind of music, but almost always well deployed when they are - to add to the range of anguished spite.

Excellent release, worth owning - before it owns you.

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