Tuesday, 29 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Ajris - Uccanen Imellalen N Tamazgha

Uccanen Imellalen N Tamazgha


Atmospheric black metal from Algeria?  I remember an interview with Sunn O))) years ago where Stephen O'Malley said he was looking forward to the incoming wave of Nigerian BM that was headed this way.  At the time I was sure he was joking, now I'm not so sure.  Huge influx of savage grimnity from the Middle East and Africa of late and although none of it is really pushing anything hugely groundbreaking in songwriting or structure it's interesting enough to hear the subtle variation that comes from an excess of heat rather than cold.  Bands like Tadnees, Al-Namrood and many other on the Shaytan Productions label are all pushing a malaevolent inferno of noise that has exchanges sinuous trance for a brute aggression - the Lebanese band Ayat pushing their incarnation of anti-existence anti-Islamic hate energy to the same punishing extremes as Anaal Nathrakh with even more brutal production.

This demo from Ajris sits somewhere in the middle of all that is current across the world, influenced as it is by the intrisically less aggressive strains of depressive, atmospheric and ambient black metal, but still has a deep bite, especially in the guttural vocals and constantly blasting drums.  The rhythm section sets up a rushing undercurrent that sweeps beneath the trebely drone of guitar on top.  All works really nicely together with some great movements within the long (10+ and 18+ minute) tracks.

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