Sunday, 27 March 2011

guys, let's all post in the LASTFM THREAD!

Stats time. unfazed by the shifting hours. DiS Vs. Vs. NFR

I couldn't live without our threads

Good week.

ps iTunes, I hate you; scrobble my cocking ipod.

01. Craft Spells - 104
02. GuMMy†Be▲R! - 85
03. Evenings - 41
04. Daterape - 37
05. Guards - 33
05. The Soft Moon - 33
05. Twin Shadow - 33
08. Bosco Delrey - 31
09. Sealings - 30
10. Gruff Rhys - 26
11. Peaking Lights – 24

1 - New album on Captured Tracks, sounds almost identical to Wild Nothing but without the prominent basslines. Really good. After The Moment has a gorgeous hook.

2 – Witch Made Knicca king Herr Gummy releases his first full album of WitchHouse begat dystopian mostly-instrumental R&Bastard acid electronica. Free download:

3 - $5 gets you five doses of cloudy comedown dream-wave electronics to melt your fragile mind into:

4 – Nowhere near as shit as you'd expect with a name like that. In fact, they added me on Soundcloud and I ignored them for over a month but it turns out they're really very good. More free rekkids for you – the track Cold Remains is the one to go for, if nothing else. But you'll like them all if you;re into cold-wave darkane electro/ whytch hauz. Link you to my blog this time:

5 – Still good. Still hugely preferable to listening to Arcade Fire – what you like about Funeral stripped of everything you didn't like that came after. And guess what – No charge:

5b – Another Captured Tracks release another band to obsess over. If you haven't heard this album yet you need it in your life now (part one) If only they could finish songs properly

5c - If you haven't heard this album yet you need it in your life now (part two)

8 – Off the chain gospel soft-rock ramalama rockabilly lunacy. Pretty similar to Ariel Pink's Before Today in the way it pops hooks out of the unlikeliest places. Damn catchy.

9 – Fucking righteous noise rock from Brighton Get some:

10 – Don't really like this as much as Candylion but it is good.

11 - If you haven't heard this album yet you need it in your life now (part three; the best)

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