Monday, 28 March 2011

VIDEO: Moon Tides - Swimming

Suitably aquatic video to set off the lilting shoegazey haze pop of Colorado's Moon Tides' track Swimming.  The video features a swathe of current trends in spades - lens flare, soft focus, instagram-esq sepia and nostalgia finishes.  Hands up I'm a sucker for those, they look nice don't they? And they go so well with the washy reverb of the guitars, all out and back froth and swash. I'm far from being bored of looking at and hearing this kind of thing yet, so bands don;t be afraid to keep 'em coming.  The big bonus in this video being the potential for shark attack at any moment. Someone cut an extended edit for me?

Download the track for free from the band's Bandcamp, where you can also get the track To Be which they put up in January this year too.

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