Monday, 28 March 2011

REVIEW: Evenings - North Dorm

Evenings is a one man band from Charlottesville, VA resident Nathan Broaddus.  His music's electronic/analgoue shimmer-gaze invokes a certain whimsical nature, the kind whose steely glare is fixed at some far-off point in distant reminiscence in a similar way to Surrey artist Vondelpark who I wrote about recently, and Felt Drawings - both one man outfits creating beautiful music with a sensitive and brooding centre.  Last year's North Dorm Ep is the only release from Evenings so far but there should be plenty here to keep you involved and hooked for some time, especially now the sun is coming out, these kind of soporific sounds are still the essential soundtrack for basking to.

Getting his sounds further out there, Broaddus has given the final track to a short film directed by Daniel Vasquez titled Conviver no Sertao which documents the subsistence lifestyle of a family living in the Brazillian countryside.

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