Thursday, 31 March 2011

STREAM: Halls - Soundcloud Set - Solace, Colossus & Brave New World

Two brand new tracks from London producer Halls, uploaded into his recently opened Solace set - Colossus and Brave New World join Solace in this producer's deepening catalogue of sumptuously consuming music, similar in effect to Holy Other, evoking an out-of-body weightlessness and checkabale against the likes of James Blake and Jamie XX in tems of subtle textures. These new tracks moves at a beautifully glacial pace; Colossus' sounds refracting through a coolly composed blue ice core. As the name suggests there's something imposing about this piece, but it's an enormity that lacks intimidation, it is instead a tenderly enveloping presence that blocks out all other stimuli from your senses. The track's passage slowly grinds across a landscape of flickering beats, humming synths locked on course for the transcendent, and a mournful reverb heavy vocal that slowly slowly pulls you closer in to it's thrall.  Brave New World is an even more cosmic piece, sounding exactly like a 2001 style shot, a camera slowly panning out of pure darkness to reveal space dust, a thin shimmering atmosphere and the enormous body of a mysterious planet. 

Play and be sucked in.

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