Thursday, 10 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Gayngs - Affilyated



The album cover is the bastardised offspring of both the winged Doomtree emblem and the Gayngs symbol, slick with fluids, oozing the excesses from this raw sexual commingling.  If you heard the Gayngs album last year chances are it won you over with it's slyly seductive charms eventually, if not instantly.  These remixes (or 'regrinds' as the band calls them) are a different beast to the album. Each instrument and vocal track on Relayted was saved individually with an arbitrary title and offered to each remixer who choose ten tracks which they had to use. They could warp and morph the tracks any way they wanted with the proviso that the beat stick to the sultry 69bpm of the original concept.

The results, as you will hear for yourself soon enough, are quite simply orgasmic. There's a lot more beats and drums popping about the mixes, vocals from two or three different songs layering on to each other, orgiastically, conveniently for the deliberately lurid themes. It all gets pulled off so well that it's making me write in a constant stream of euphemism.

Get some Gayngs regrinding yer ears!!!

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