Wednesday, 9 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Vortex Rikers - Nullpunkt

Vortex Rikers
Nullpunkt ep


Germany's dankest witch house producers Vortex Rikers release another free ep of blood-blackening ambient crawl. Throbbing with trance inducing cosmic energies, this new release floats more beats into the mix than previously, snatches of melodies drifting between the echoing thuds and flickers that punctuate the coalescent hum. The title translates as Zero Point, and though this isn't quite a ground zero re-approach to their sound, it's definitely an incremental shift towards ever more salient ground.  The conviction of the sounds and atmospheres, the patience with which they are played out is an ambience recalling Boards of Canada's most shadowy dreamscapes - an influence that should play a larger part in the more ambient oriented witch house artists with their own interpretations of occult and controversial themes subtly enshrounded within their oblique music.

Nearly all Vortex Rikers albums are available as free downloads from their Bandcamp, and they're very good at posting stuff on their Soundcloud, so get yr claws into them there too.

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