Tuesday, 29 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Holy Other - Touch

This track debuted on Gorilla Vs. Bear & Altered Zones yesterday and it's getting a starry-eyed repost from me to underscore/overstate how highly I rate this artist - a simple RT wouldn't do.  One of the greatest artists to have emerged from the margins of the witch house scene, the Berlin-based Mancunian Holy Other will be releasing his second record, the12" With U on Tri Angle on 6th June.  Seems a long time to wait, but I lasted a full 6 months on Yr Love and We Over so I can go two on this one beautiful pulsing burst of electro-cosmic R&B.  It's swirling firmament pierced with 8-bit blips, incoming radar signals of alien, otherworldy origin towing universally recognised symbols of romance in their wake - starbursts, moon beams and solar flares. The peaks engulf the speakers in fantastical euphoria, the basslines carry eddies of dark matter and your mere human ears are locked betwixt the two; stultefied into trance and blissful submission.  No idea what happens when this drops onto dancefloors; I guess people start to slowly fuck each other into serenity.

DOWLOAD: Holy Other -Touch

Play on repeat for weeks to get the full effect.

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