Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wooden Stake - Invoke the Ageless Witch

This immense slab of monolithic doom is brought to you by the boy/girl two piece Wooden Stake
but it sounds as full as any band you'd care to mention, and after hearing this you'll be tripping over yourself to cram a list of influences as long as your arm - but that's almost irrelevant in the face of something of this magnitude. Their debut full length album, Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades, is out now on Razorback contains nine epic pieces of tortured incandescent grim horror.  Vanessa Nocer handles vocals and bass with Wayne "Elektrokutioner" Sarantopoulos on guitar and drums. Double tracked multi-ranging voices splinter rafters and carve trenches out of the cold earth - deep, dense and violent always, a harbinger of doom in the truest sense. Music that is theatrical without blowing over into shlock horror, there's atmosphere in every eerie corner of this, and suspense behind every twist.

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