Wednesday, 2 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Clair Cassis - Luxury Absolute

Clair Cassis
Luxury Absolute

Back from the dead! Josh and Angela (of Velvet Cacoon) have reappeared from nowhere with more Clair Cassis, in the form of Luxury Absolute - another excellent EP of luxuriously fragrant atmospheric black metal, influences by seafaring themes as far as track titles like Antique Sea Smoke and Olive Ink Seahorse suggest, along with the murky burble of the central Soft Castle.  To say this is essential is an understatement, even for those of you not so into black metal, just try this and see if you feel it.

Again, Josh has produced an immaculate set of songs, hewn down to only their most essential elements, only the first track lasting more than three minutes. These elegeantly wrought nuggets of black gold feature a slightly deeper and darker sound the the previous EPs, the blissfull fuzz joined by a more guttural bass tone; throatier backing vocal lurk underneath the stage-front nastiness of the lead cackle. Reverbed guitars shudder as if their graves have been walked over, drums thud sickly, snares snap with dusty recoil and across it all a dread wind carries the scent of a seductive perfume, enchanting, entrancing. Seven sirens calling from moonlit rocks, seven fates to befall you.

Ethereal black metal label Khrysanthoney is in talks with Josh about putting the new tracks on a tangible format. Keep checking back here to see what happens.

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  1. Sweet, thanks for the up Meatbreak! -muzikis