Monday, 7 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Mamaleek - Kurdaitcha


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Two piece experimental black metal from San Francisco - remember when all the good stuff came from there? Looks like it never truly never dried up, this is just as incredible as the first time you heard the likes of Leviathan and Xasthur, only on a different plane of existence. Some of those oriental BM bands like Al-Namrood and Darkestrah may have primed you for some Eastern flourishes, but this is something else right from the start, in fact from the very first second the album starts you can tell that it's out of the ordinary mould and it feels all the more powerful for it.

Breaking apart the tenets of what is Black Metal alongside bands such as Fell Voices and Agalloch there's a mix of electronic, finely rehearsed epic composition alongside loose and naturally occurring improvisation in here that defies the entire genre, a fist in the face of it. Indian drone flutes, ambient noise, organ interludes, something approaching soft rock. It's a free flowing mix of influences and sounds executed with conviction and nuanced appreciation for musicality, even in it's most atonal breakdowns.  

In their own, truly Black Metal, words:

"We hope to prop up sorcery and ritual as a means of resistance to an everyday debasing reality that exists as a curse. It has become such a great pity that much of music, once so affecting and vital, has developed a xenophobic, ecclesiastical nature that trajects humanity’s own regression. Music, be it whatever genre, should always be a source of refuge and strength. Outside of attempting this fate, we are just as useless as anyone and would prefer to let time and whatever integrity is still left fill in the rest. "

Pay what you want (donate what you can!) for the digital download. $20 for the high quality vinyl (only 150 being pressed.)

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