Monday, 7 March 2011

VIDEO: The Ocular Audio Experiment - Mesmeria EP

Here's something to really get your mind lost in - video to the first side of a huge sprawling inter-cosmia two track release from The Ocular Audio Experiment. As their band name suggests, TOAE is an integrated audio/visual experience and this is the first part of it. The web is light on info but heavy on their output -videos a plenty and the only slight details floating amogst the cathode ray carnage is that it is a project begun by Alex Pollock in the winter of 2009. He does have a Twitter too. Keep an eye here, this all looks psyched.

Alex has his own label through which he released four albums last year: His first album, Spectro-Sonic Cosmic Gaze, was also released on the German Quetzi Records label.

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