Thursday, 17 March 2011

VIDEO: Twilight Owls - Wakonda Auga

Last and distinctly not least in my posts from the Lautreamont RA Studios video set, Twilight Owls is probably my favourite artist from the left-field psych/drone scene out of Russia that I covered, playing as TO, in Khumry and other soundscapist bands - his solo project as Twilight Owls has some of the most beautifully sculpted sounds and effective, euphorically subtle manipulations of themes of any drone artists to have caught my ears in the last twelve months.  This mirror rippled light trailing video enhances the disorienting effect of the music as each delayed chord hangs and rocks back and forth between the next, overlapping and shifting forwards with mental hazing effect that leaves you stoned.

Follow him on his Soundcloud too, for updats on all his projects.

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