Thursday, 5 May 2011

DOWNLOAD: Malibu Wands - Malibu Hounds

Malibu Wands
Malibu Hounds


Four versions of Malibu Hounds reworked into altered states of consciousness by the God of Blues himself. For all the equatorial heat the repeated 'Malibu' may imply, this starts off with We All Wring Our Hands; a howling icy blast of chill-whipped distortion, a billowing gale of wintery atmosphere that blasts right out the speakers, deep into the marrow of your bones, followed up by 17 minutes of sparse beat spiked blizzard in the Fork It Over mix. The muted patter of beats doesnl;t have to move much under such harsh conditions in order to make its presence felt it's sinisterly effective and locks your attention into it for its full unyielding length. The third reworking is more spacious - Skeptic Sleeper bleeds heat and light in by chopping and glitching about a bit, fluttering clap beats batting gasps of air out of the suffocating chaos. The final 20 minuter Dreamstation begins ever so slowly, a space-crawl out into a glittering cosmos of suspended breath ambience. Clouds of vapour coalesce, as the starship begins its descent, burning and charring through the atmosphere before slowly floating down amidst smoky pallor. One of the heaviest and greatest of Malibu Wands releases to date.

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