Monday, 2 May 2011

PREVIEW VIDEO: Khowi @ The Green Door Store, Tuesday 3rd May

New Brighton promotions duo Be Nothing are putting on US psychedelic dream-pop artist Kohwi as their first show at the Green Door Store tomorrow night - Tuesday 3rd May (it's fucking May already, how? and How?  The years are definitely getting faster - that's something to do with the Mayans, right?......anyway)

As opening statments of intent go, this is an excellent artist to put on - as high functioning a pop scientist as you could imagine - made all the more eye-catching with this actual video preview trailer for a gig.  You can't post it to lamposts and the backs of toilet doors around town like a regular flyer, but I can post it here, so here you go! The future, right here.

I raved wildly over Kohwi's album, Hidden Trees, in December never expected to see him performing in the flesh but here he is, in my own Brighton town, tomorrow night.  He's bringing with him his homemade new instrument - the Tangible Electrophonic Drumstick, which looks pretty incredible, as this video demonstrates:

Reason enough in itself to come along but I'm also really looking forward to hearing how tunes like this come beaming off the stage:. See you there.

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