Monday, 16 May 2011

PREVIEW: Outer Church May Edition - Old Apparatus / Embla Quickbeam / Kemper Norton

This month's Outer Church event is coming up on Wednesday. Another incredible selection of artists to open a portal through your mind and out to the other side.  Not sure who will be styling visuals for our ocular fixation but past events have provided approriately hypnotic accompaniment, so I'd expect nothing less this time round.  See you at Komdia on Wednesday.

Kemper Norton; "Cornwall’s foremost slurtronic collective" have recently begun playing live and will unpack the contents of their pagan soundboards to initiate proceedings. Dusty dreams downloaded from the Heavens, woven from the trees and moulded from the Earth before your very ears. Download several albums, eps and tracks from their website to get your synapses primed:  HERE

Second up is magickal mystery sound collage from Brighton's Embla Quickbeam; haunting, surreal experimental drone looped out of language and out-of-body.


A headline set from Old Apparatus looks like it might match the physically imposing set from Raime a couple of months ago. they both share a similar sense of crumbling civilisation to their sound, Raime conjuring the turbulent spectral imprint of a recently destroyed metropolis, Old Apparatus occupy a space slinking between the shadows, between streets, posessing the soul of the darkest recesses and corners.

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