Monday, 2 May 2011

DOWNLOAD: Bad Indians - Sounds From The Big Room (On The Make Music)

Bad Indians
Sounds From The Big Room
On The Make

Must be something about the sun coming out that draws me into my garage rock spells; I am officially deep in thrall to one at the momentm, a fierce heat beaming onto my back and a pych-rock garage band version of Cheree blasting from the speakers. Hell yes.

The album was recorded to cassette 4-track in their empty Queens apartment but it sounds about as underground as you can get.  Acoustic guitar, organ, harmonica, bass drum, and tambourine recall all those dreamier sun-soaked acid-fried Nuggets comp tracks; Leavin This Place pulls the pace up until it starts reverse delay flipping its shit out, Moonchild of the Sabbath is a bit of a hollering beast that kicks shaopes out of its reverb duststorm, but mostly there's no teeth bared searing rama-lama here, just free-wheeling breezy heady slow-rolling ragged blues striped rock. For fans of garage rock, natch, but this should whet your appettite wll for the forthcoming albums from The Oh Sees and The Donkeys.

Download for $1, so effectively free to you. Get the tape from On The Make for $7

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