Wednesday, 4 May 2011

DOWNLOAD: c0ld l▲k3 - Fashion Club 4 Eva

c0ld l▲k3
Fashion Club 4 Eva


The art, the title, the music - everything about this is perfect subterranean two fingers up from the UK solo artist named (possibly) Johnny Walker. Over four releasses c0ld l▲k has been responsible from some pretty excellently hydra-headed carnage - the primal yet progressive combination of drone, noise, beats and feral atmospherics of Funeral Jah which I wrote about on its release being especially notable - and this is another totally warped string to his bow, losing off arrows that speed in uncertain paths, but all of which hit thir targets hard. There's three short swooning tracks of overly reverbed drag/screwed pop fantasia, loops to delirious infinity over their brief runnings, finishing on a 10 minute piece that sucks in jazz horns and piano into the melee. Moreover, again - That cover art!

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