Friday, 20 May 2011

VIDEO - Austra - Lose It

How gorgeous is this song? Appropriately detached video too. Pretty sure there's some textbook psychoanalytical issues being illustrated in here. The way they're all so coquettishly amused throughout is as endearing as the track itself. Layered up vibrato vocal finale? I just burst.

Austra's debut album Feel It Break is out now on Domino


  1. Yes...I've been pretty fascinated with this record as well (though I hadn't seen the video, thanks). I just interviewed the singer on Friday. She's pretty interesting, obviously carries the discipline and seriousness over from her classical training.

  2. this song is amazing! she's also great live! was playing under her full name for a while, and has played brighton a few times under it too. saw her at sxsw last year, and then at the windmill in brixton this year. her voice is equally as good live