Sunday, 8 May 2011

Citizens of DiS! It is you civic duty to cast your words to the Last.FM thread

I started this one off this week.  Making up for not doing one for so long. Good to be back in my anally retentive obsessive mode. 

DiS Vs. Vs. blog.

Been a while since I started one of these. Been a whiel since I've even posted in one - a whole month I think.

Hey ho. Let's go!

01. Wild Beasts - 51
02. Teeth Gnashers - 48
03. Miracle Fortress - 46
04. The Donkeys - 24
04. Felt Drawings - 24
06. Weyes Blood And The Dark Juices - 18
07. Sealings - 16
07. Peaking Lights - 16
09. The Fresh & Onlys - 15
10. Petrels - 14

1 – Surprised this is only 51 listens. Beautifully restrained, sensually epic, glacially cool and hotter than the sun.

2 – couple of dirty little ratbags making nihilistic punk flecked black metal like Bone Awl but taking the piss a little bit more and adding an LA take on Dead Reptile Shrine's folk wyrdness with it.

3 – new album is totally different to Five Roses, but also similar. Drastically similar? It's just as lush but a lot more electronic – sort of Chillwavey...sort of. Hold off the hounds.

4a – Brilliant retro rock that sounds a lot like the Stones. Each side starts slow, builds into some rocking riffy ultra-catchy numbers then slides out on a long sitar lead instrumental. Dozy, smoky ever so slightly dopey – but then they're called The Donkeys innit.

4b – think this guy is going to blow up big in a blog style (if that's still a thing to say). Noisy no-wave electro-pop. Think Cold Cave/Blank Dogs and an indeterminably intriguing something else.

6 – Ex Jackie-O-Motherfucker bassist makes folk music of her own, hibernates with spectral forces, re-emerges with a new album of ghost-loops and haunted chanting. NNF Power.

7a – Brighton based noise rock band about to release an EP on Italian Beach Babes. Got pulse, got riffs, got maxxxed up volume.

7b – Did somebody say we're not allowed to call records 'Summer albums'? Meh. This is coming into its own.

9 – Another retro rock band; garage psych, nicely chilled and less of a racket than previous releases. For me, this easily has their best songs on it.

10 – Very heavy, intense instrumental drone album – walls of tone. A Storm Petrel is a bird that can handle the worst the sea has to throw at it. Fitting metaphor.

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