Thursday, 26 May 2011

REVIEW: Nearone - Presents (Inner Island)

PresentsInner Islands


Following the Wyld Wyzardz release is another new cassette from my current drone-crush label Inner Islands. Nearone is a possibly one-off project recorded live and straight to tape in New Zealand the duo of Sean "Gkfoes Vjgoaf" Conrad and Rosa.  Conrad usually haunts the woods of California but is currently out in the wilds of New Zealand soaking up the multitude of incredible landscapes they have out there and the difference is already informing his music.  An artist that has been distinctly influenced by his environment by design, this is an album of peaks, humid vegetation, slow streams and churning seas. These enormous influences are channelled across a peaceful meditative seven tracks of wildly differing lengths, allowing ideas to pop up like flashes of colour bursting from the undergrowth, or unfold and develop like tectonic activity. Some huge contemplative and ritualistic pieces such as Wood Be Rain and Gathering contrast with the fleeting visits of Bees and Behind The Cottage.

Lush and trancey and a must for all fans of folk-drone.

Sean Conrad has also recently given out an even more languorous and patiently meditative chime and drone one-track download by his new project named Ashan, titled Piece of Joy.

DOWNLOAD - Ashan - Piece of Joy
In his own words, Conrad says:

"Ashan is to be a place for healing, loving, and openness. the music of Ashan is to be given and received with an open heart. it is teaching from 'the gentle way', the way of Ashan. i would love to share these sounds with you anywhere: in the forest, on the beach, in a house, in the street, wherever feels right.."

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