Monday, 23 May 2011

DOWNLOAD: Polyverse / Mother Network Split - Oceanic Dynamics EP

Polyverse / Mother Network
Oceanic Dynamics EP


Split release from two electronic artists that seem to be developing significant shapes for themselves out of the nebulous but infinitely malleable soundworlds that drone has to the capacity to yield.  Three pieces each, of relatively/very short running times.

The Polyverse tracks offer up alternate universes in themselves; Younger Hours, Older Voices is beguiling ambience, all translucent irridescence layered upon each other, one side of the shell. Inside it is a flickering netherworld of beats suspended in the slimy flesh of the creature within. Very tasty, two quick slurps and they're in your system. Seductive and addictive.

The Mother Network tracks that add the shell, something hard and crusty. I wrote about his first savage Nintendocore release at the start of April (here), but this is something far more elegant and refined, but not as sub-zero chilled as he is capable of taking things. Dox Organica has a keening tone that offsets anything calming within it, the gentle expansion and contraction of it's undulating beat sequence regulating your senses to trance-inducing ends were it not for the recalcitrant jarring he deploys near the end.  There's a further remnant of the 8-bit projects this artists also works on in Spirocysts; hi-fi Zelda explorations and fantasy questing soundtrack, it's optimistically searching melody a paen to hours of absorption with controller in hand.

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