Sunday, 15 May 2011


Weekly listening stats time

Blackbirds & blue tits

01. Thee Oh Sees - 48
02. Food Pyramid - 44
03. Mountains - 31
04 Kemper Norton - 28
05. Mark McGuire - 18
06. Gkfoes Vjgoaf - 14
06. The Weeknd - 14
08. Altar of Plagues - 12
08. Vondelpark - 12
10. Harassor – 11

1 – 'Castlemania' is really good, as ever. Like the new sneery nasal vocal style, a couple sound like it actually is Rocky Erickson singing. Dwyer is one of my heroes, if I have any - was going to see them on the 27th, have to go away for work. Fucking shit it.

2 – 'New Omni-Directional Healing Techniques' out on Debacle Records is insanely deep shape-shifting pastoral electronic hypnagogic drone.

3 – 'Air Museum' is possibly even better than 'Choral' – sends its acoustic instruments through analogue effects and a real studio instead of digital and a little home set up and sounds all the more lush and detailed for it.

4 – psyching up for the ritual of the Outer Church on Wednesday with a load of releases from the last couple of years. In their words: "Cornwall’s foremost slurtronic collective"

6b – I don't listen to 'House of Balloons' enough, it's awesome.

8a – Intensely heavy, ultra fast double kick laced atmospheric doom from Ireland. New album 'Mammal' out on Profound Lore – so that's one of the most interesting bands around releasing a record that eclipses their previous, coupled with one of the most consistently excellent labels. Good things.

10 – fucking nasty grimy blackened spite metal from California.

Track of the week:

Finding it hard to pick tracks out at the moment. Maybe Reach A Bit Further by Wild Beasts, or my 4am recording of the dawn chorus on Wednesday!

  4.30 Dawn Chorus at Patcham Village by Meatbreak

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