Tuesday, 17 May 2011

REVIEW: Sealings - 'Untitled' (Italian Beach Babes)

Italian Beach Babes

Buckle up for the forthcoming ep from this Brighton based band of shapeshifting noise-rock fiends Sealings. It doesn't have a title because they "usually forget about those" but it does have four tracks of incendiary raw power with just a slight enough hint of subtlety to make you prick up your ears. It also has this cover! 

Fans of the clench-fisted sludge rock spewed out from the likes of Mayyors, Twin Stumps and Rusted Shut will take succour from this but there's a sleeker, darker sensibility lurking about within the shadows of its rhythm section.

Steaming oiled pistons push this machine along, rippling underneath the fiery buzz of guitars. Opening track King Shot is is howling salvo of leads, barking and squealing across each other. The steel gets stripped back off the second track, Swag Chandelier bringing in the street-wave pulse of a beat, eerie and menacing; Suicide by way of Brighton town. Cruel World rides the same rails even harder, accelerating the tempo and summoning sheets of smoke-damaged distortion to confuse your senses, throwing in some almost clear cut lead lines towards the end which lead nicely into the final Black Hole, which is the closest this EP comes to allowing your ears room to breathe, easing off the intensity and producing a half-light melody, something approaching prettiness against the backdrop of carnage still smouldering behind it.

The release will be limited to 100 light blue cassettes and ships on 30th May. You can order HERE, listen to Cruel World HERE
and stream/dnld King Shot here:

You can download a few of their previous now-out-of-print releases from the band themselves by pointing your clicker over these words, including the split that first caught my ear and burned it right off back in '09:

My Boyfriends Dead ep (Clan Destine)

Tie Dye Tapes

Split w/Lois Magic (Free Loving Anarchists)

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