Tuesday, 3 May 2011

VIDEO: Clams Casino - Gorilla / I'm God

Two videos for you from new TriAngle Records signee Clams Casino.  The first is the amazing glitterbomb video for the Rainforest EP's lead track Gorilla, directed by Jamie Harley who has also produced clips for How To Dress Well, Twin Shadow, Two Bicycles, Memory Tapes to name but a few.  Gorilla sounds bang in between the sludgy creeped-out sounds of oOoOO and the clearer eyed ambience of Balam Acab. The Rainforest Ep is out on 27th June.

Secondly, and even hotter off the presses is this unofficial video for I'm God from Kohnkepik made up of footage from Jean Rollins' Lost in New-York.

To whet your appetite further,Clams recently posted an instrumental hip-hop mixtape which you can download here


  1. Not surprised in the least to find "I'm God" featured on your Most Quality blog, kind sir—although question: Why is it no one seems to mention vocals by Imogen Heap? Maybe I'm just a stupid American, but I was under the assumption that 'instrumental' means—well, instrumental.

    Swirly, seductive, goddamn gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous track; intriguing visual accompaniment, blah³...Yet still—what I'm sayin' is:

    J U S T

    S A Y I N '

  2. there's a pretty decent article in The Wire this month about Clams, Tyler, and associates that does mention Imogen Heap.

    I think the thing with instrumentals now is that if it's the original vocal sample it counts as the instrument. Once you've taken the original and started messing even the vocals go down as the background and you need a guest vocal to make it more than an instrumental. I can appreciate the logic to that.