Friday, 20 May 2011

VIDEO: Blondes - Pleasure

Finally! After a week of waiting this video has been unlocked for public consumption. Here is the new Blondes track Pleasure from their forthcoming RVNG Intl. 12" Business/Pleasure.  More totally lush all consuming cosmic-Italo retro-modernity to bathe your synapses in.

The video has been made by Farley Gwazda. Assembled entirely from animated gifs - scientific diagrams, mathematical figures, representations of data, and renderings of simulated systems, this video appropriates images meant to serve as a rational demonstration of logical concepts and transmogrifies them into a cosmic trip.

In the same way that Blondes use analogue instruments to humanize electronica and create psychedelic soundscapes, this video explores irrational paths to knowledge and investigates how information is processed into meaningful experience.

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