Monday, 9 May 2011

DOWNLOAD: Harassor - Harassor (Universal Consciousness)


Debut full length album from the three-piece primitive black metal LA based Harassor.  Long time fans of NFR may remember me playing their stuff out at DJ sets a few years back whenever I felt the urge to go on the full-on-anti. This is equally as good as those early day demos, the production not being cleaned up in the slightest - just enough seperation between the instruments to make them discernable but keep them mulched together with murky primordial sludge. They describe themselves as “primitive black-sludge metal grind thrash savagery” and have precious little time for much else than doing just that. They say on their fb page: "We grimly demand the extermination of mankind" , grinding out appropriately nasty old school riffage as a single minded entity intent on pure annihilation.

The vinyl is released on Universal Consciousness but the band have also put up the digital version for free download from their Bandcamp.

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