Friday, 6 May 2011

DOWNLOAD: Teeth Gnashers - Leaves of Oak

Teeth Gnashers
Leaves of Oak

New release from this Los Anglese duo who have been making anti-music for the last few years and have booted their four releases onto their Bandcamp to alternately download free or part stream. The newest, Leaves of Oak is a six-track affair of two characters- the first is a fiercly overdriven raging Bone Awl-esque riot of gnarly crust puink blackness, screeching violence choked from foaming lungs, riffs spitting spite on fire into the drum kit, the beats batting back with a blazing eyed nastiness. Subtelty isn't big on the agenda - Posessor starts off with the hoarse taunt "I'm gonna fucking rip you apart."  Their alternate foil, almost like their sheathed sword, is a bizarre form of subterranean freak folk, similar in mossy ritualism to Finnish outfit Dead Reptile Shrine, who share a similar provocative effect on listeners in the aggressive responses their music inspires in both high praise and flat-lining negativity.   They draw upon more of their acoustic weirdness in other releases, all of which are worth checking out if you're into anything remotely feral sounding.

The quotes Teeth Gnashers are proud to cite on their page include "worst bullshit I've experienced all year long" and "terrible, absolutely fucking terrible" - which in their own way, and in this context are their own form of grandstanding bragadoccio; it's that bared teeth double fingered salute to any kind of positivity that is embraced by this ultra-harsh convergence of black metal and nihilistic punk.  The vocals really make it for me, I could listen to that rasping sneer all day, coupled with that almost D-beat two-two time signature drumming.

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