Monday, 27 June 2011 (^2)

this week's DiS Vs. L.Fm Vs NFR listening stats analysis:  >>>

Glastonbury go home!

01. Robel Synthesia - 44
02. Zomby - 32
03. Washed Out - 29
04. Ghibli - 26
05. Shabazz Palaces - 25
06. Bon Iver - 23
07. The Caretaker – 21
07. Ducktails - 21
07. Gkfoes vjgoaf - 21
07. Blanck Mass – 21

1 – Crazy psychedelic stuff: Animal Collective / Peaking Lights = some kind of new wyrd electronica  – free bandcamp d/l:

2 – This is a good summer evening album, is it not?

3 – Life of Leisure a lot in anticipation of the new album. I suspect that by doing this I am setting myself up for more disappointment than if I went in unrefreshed.

4 – more wyrd electronic. I am inventing a genre. WATCH IT BLOOM!

5 – Let this be the thread to establish Shabazz’ supreme awesomeness.

6 – This is a very good album. Holocene, Calgary, Beth/Rest. Amazing songs.

7a – another amazing summer evening album, that I appreciate even more because it slips a certain, almost unseen, amount of darkness into proceedings until you listen attentively. 

7b – ditto summer evening album ditto

7c – these are all plays of his new 3 track ep Glacial Melt – recorded in New Zealand. There are few  artists around who are as profoundly influenced by their surroundings as  Sean Conrad

7d – last, but by no means least in the lucky number 7’s this week – Ben John Power’s off of |Fuck Button’s new twinkly dark drone project Blanck Mass. It’s a good one. Not quite Emeralds or Kevin Drumm but it’s very potent.


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