Wednesday, 22 June 2011

DOWNLOAD: Beko / Skrot Up Split Compilation

Beko / Skrot Up Records
Split Compilation


Here's another excellent split comp from beautifully rendered French digital label Beko, this time carving it up with Swedish carnage curators Skrot Up - A record and cassette label dedicated to "slowed down dirges, strange sounds, punchy beats, 8-bit manifestos, prolonged explorations of lateral thinking, synth creepers, warped pop, syrupy industrial and weird metallic clatter."

As extensive as that it it barely even coves half the stacked-up smoke damaged tracks that rattle and hum across this mix.  It starts off with a band I've waxed on before - Endless Endless Endless; a free-floating improv psych duo from the States that slowly ratchet up the cosmic tension that is dissapated over the following tracks.  There's some crudity that doesn't quite come off in Public Pubes' track but everything else finds it's place and hits its own zone hard. There's a crepuscular, sepulchural take on I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Portable Morla, a grimy slab of hairy drone appropriately titled Loopgoat but Venganza de Cochino's Vengeance of the Scum is the highlight for me; a borderline ridiculous mix of black metal shrieking, death growls set to an industrial-electro thob and buzz-saw guitars that develops into a a sleek and deadly dropped shoulder groove that pummels and hisses to a close.

The download comes packed full of links to all bands and extra links to labels, so feel free to follow up at your leisure peril leisure.  Beko are very thorough in their releases, and to the anally retentive like me, that makes them all the more appealing.


a1_ endless endless endless - we go on
a2_ braindamage - you want
a3_ public pubes - cum gonga din
a4_ heroin in tahiti - ex-giants on dope
a5_ fwy! - the 57
a6_ syentology - leash

b1_ the secret society of the sonic six - blame & blood
b2_ coverup peel - loopgoat
b3_ venganza de cochino - vengeance of the scum
b4_ high marks - aggressive tropical depression
b5_ portable morla - i wanna be your dog (the stooges)
b6_ german army - ottoman nurse

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