Thursday, 23 June 2011

SONIC ROUTER: Interview & Mix - Dalglish [Highpoint Lowlife]

"...People who might as well not exist because it looks like bad copies of the ones somewhere else or even next to them..."

My most recent piece for Sonic Router went up yesterday - an interview with Scottish born, Berlin based techno pioneer Dalglish to complement his new album of granite toned electronic soundscaping Benacah Drann Deachd It's quite a heavy one, as is the mix he sent in to go with it - a tracklist that includes Synken, Michael Rother, Sun Ra, Coil, Cluster and Leyland Kirby.

Here's the intro: full interview, album stream and mix inside the LINK

"There’s a lot currently going on in the life of Dalglish, aka Chris Douglas, in and outside of the fact that he’s a man who has been producing confrontational exploratory noises since the techno-advent time of the late 80′s, with his first official release appearing in 1992. His back catalogue of work since then has informed swathes of genres, let alone the artists operating inside them, over two decades and he is still producing music that is capable of stopping a listener dead in their tracks. After pursuing this interview for some time, chatting sporadically to Chris as we contended with both the complications and darkness that hindered the flow of conversation; the same ominous cloud that indirectly helped inform both of us of a mutual appreciation for the psychological position from which Dalglish’s music approaches the listener."

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