Tuesday, 28 June 2011

DOWNLOAD: Shaidar Logoth - Chapter I: The Peddler

Shaidar Logoth
Chapter I: The Peddler


Here is a very nice free-download black metal album for you, released in February by Minneapolis based duo Shaidar Logoth.  The band is, ostensibly, a side-project for Steven Henningsgard and Adam Clemens to experiment with black metal forms, droning and atonal repetition of the kinds they don't get to use in their main death metal band Iron Thrones. The album is based on the character of Padan Fain in Robert Jordan’s ‘Wheel of Time‘ book series - this info and more interesting stuff about the recording process and inspiration of the release can be found on Henningsgard's blog HERE.

Experimental dabble or ongoing concern, either way this is a very solid post-metal / Cascadian / depressive / atmospheric / take your pick form of black metal - with a hell of a fierce set of vocal chords on it. The vocals in this are great, guttural screeches and shrieks bottoming out to bass background rumbles; the whole production clearly defined and nicely layered, propulsive drums still carry weight even when they are so fast they are fluttering between the walls of white guitar tone; Henningsgard's job as a sound engineer is clearly the right vocation for him if he can create this on a whim.  There's little trace of death metal in this record, the click-snare and chugga-guitar of Death elegantly eschewed in favour of a fizzing, hissing cathartic torrent of sinuous Black noise.

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