Sunday, 12 June 2011

LAST.FM 12/6/11

This week in numbers and related words, via DiS:

He Who Crushes

01. Mist - 41
02. The Rosebuds - 40
03. The Caretaker - 30
04. Com Truise - 25
04. Mother Network - 25
06. Cygnet Wings - 24
07. Bhang Khang - 21
08. Fucked Up - 19
08. Raspberry Bulbs - 19
10. White Rainbow - 18
10. Gonjasufi - 18
10. Holy Other - 18

1 – John Elliot & Sam Goldberg project. Astral oscillations on a higher plane. Love it.

2 – Playing Woods to death, really like the rest of the album. Boy/girl two piece - Ivan and Kelly - with a lot of orchestra in the back, so obviously more people involved somewhere. And it's out on Merge, so it's not minimal. Ivan vocals and the storytelling style is quite similar to Adam Green. Didn't imagine he'd have a legacy, but then again surely he would. Kelly vocals are really soulful and rich. Great stuff.

3 – Just me & M in the office this week, so I've had the laptop out. Doesn't scrobble though . Shame. Anyway, disintegrating hauntological tea-dance is surprisingly a massive hit.

4a – Galactic Melt is so good! Worth the punctuation. Synth tones are gorgeous, the beats are totally involved, track progression so subtle but dramatic it can whip smoothly from a pulse to glitch storm just of the back of a seconds bass hum.

4b – New Mother Network free download called χτέναφέρω. Yup. Kid just keeps 'em coming. This one is 'Moogy and depressing/regressing/encouraging seascapes'

6a – Brilliant free ep from one man band. Wrote a load of love on the blog.

7 – LOVE gnarly-crust-spite-punk-black metal. This one is out of Baton Rouge, Louisianna. Add Swamp to that meta-genre. Free download here:

8a – Haven't listened to this properly, but a couple of tracks really did bite my attention hard.

8b – More of that crusty BM. Other project from He Who Crushes Teeth of Bone Awl – kings/dark princes of spiteful 2 minute blasts of life-enriching HATE!!! All their tapes are sold out, so how you get this into your blood stream is up to you, but if you like fast visceral distortion then you need this band.

10b – having said my In-Office plays don't scrobble I swear I only played this the once at work, so how is it here? Maybe they are. Apparently this album has a horrible bit in the middle. I must be totally numb, I have no idea were.

10c – With U is such a great record. Pity that is has an old track on it, but that's no complaint because Yr Love is one of the greatest witch house/cosmic drag whatevs related pieces of music – if not The Greatest. TriAngle on a roll with this, Clams Casino, and new Balam Acab.

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