Sunday, 19 June 2011


Weekly listening double/cross-post stats time!

I tried to do a facetious picture of my hard drive

but I can't get it to the web. Oh well. It wouldn't have been that funny anyway,

01. The Men - 49
02. Com Truise - 43
03. Bon Iver - 42
04. Raspberry Bulbs - 31
05. How to Dress Well - 29
06. RITES WILD - 28
06. Vortex Collisions - 28
08. Twin Shadow - 22
08. Secret Cities - 22
10. Vetiver - 19

1 – Thanks to noise_annoys for playing this in last week's .fm listings. As you can see, I like it a lot. Final track has such an awesome pace – it;s my power running track.

3 – Liking this a lot, very rich and intense feeling, though not getting hit with any of the strong hooks that For Emma had.

4 – This is all strong hooks.

5 – All plays of the new 4 track ep. Incredible. I only really liked one track of Love Remains, the whole album was a little dull but this orchestral ep is soul stirring.

6a – Sounds so much like Religious Knives I have checked more than once whether I was playing them instead. Dirgey, claustrophobic Australian drone.

6b – Brighton based shoegazenoisedronerock solo artist. Free download album from his Bandcamp:

8a – Still deeply in love with this record

8a – Still unsure about this, it's not making me tingle.

10 – Getting in to this now, a lot. The Errant Charm indeed – has moments of Grateful Dead, Velvet Underground and The Searchers (it might not be The Searchers I'm thinking of, but something like that)


Well, more birdsong I think. Since everything I listened to between 9am and 6pm all week was accompanied by one little bird on some stuck note it's only fitting I give the little fella more attention. I recorded a couple of minutes of him, but it literally did not stop all day so imagine this N E V E R E N D I N G …..... When it rained hard he fell silent, then as soon as it lightened up he was back. Merciless

  The really annoying constant bird call at Palmeria Mansions by Meatbreak

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