Monday, 20 June 2011

DOWNLOAD: Vortex Collisions - Nowhere To Turn (Too Cool To Rule)

Vortex Collisions
Nowhere To Turn

Too Cool To Rule Records


Another band called Vortex for you, this one Vortex Collisions is a solo experimental drone outfit from Brighton by the enigmatically pseudonymed Gravity B.  Nowhere To Turn is his first cohesive full album proper after a string of increasingly formidible experiments that can be found hanging off his Soundcloud.  Gravity B has set up his own label to release this project, Too Cool To Rule on Bandcamp.

There is a mix of styles over the ten tracks on this album, all feedback heavy and awash with frayed noise but ranging from JAMC propulsive churn to weightless amniotic ambiance. Shoegaze influenced noise, or noise saturated drone rock, whichever way you turn it this record is a visceral affair.

Download the album for free from Bandcamp now, hard copies coming soon.

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