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See inside link for Arnie reference:

White / Dark / White

This is the best Arnie clip on the web. This is one of the best clips on the web, ever.

Don't understand why my ipod stopped scrobbling. Only worked for one week only it seems. Itunes doesn't even recognise that it has played anything, but it recognises the pod. If it all worked I wouldn't have to get so obsessed over it. Don't know why. I don't know...i JUST DON'T KNOW ANYMORE!!!!

Also, I listen to the laptop a lot at work but it's not connected to the web so there's no scrobbles from there. I never bother saying that, but I will today.

Names & numbers:

01. Forma - 53
02. White Rainbow - 39
03. The Caretaker - 30
04. Dark Castle - 24
05. Cults - 22
06. White Medal - 20
07. Den - 17
08. Thee Oh Sees - 16
08. Asian Women On The Telephone - 16
10. Haruki Tamesue - 15

1 – Multicoloured lush and expansive kosmiche drone on John Elliot's Spectrum Spools. So many elements to it, freestyling narratives of tone moving round the pulses of locked grooves, melodies and rhythms coalesce and melt through the mix, simultaneously loose and rigid. Epic astral trance.

2 – Plenty plays of the new album. If you thought Lays the Boogie Down was heavy, sink your frontal lobe into the thirteen slices of deep-space alien trance funk Adam Forkner has just served up and see how it grabs you. Free download here

3 – These plays should be in the hundreds. Amazing music to work to, to sleep to, to do pretty much anything to. Incredible what effects just the slightest amounts of distorting can achieve.

4 – New album exceeds expectations and Spirited Migration was in my top 20 when it came out, but this is something else. Got range, dynamics, a whole load of different sounds and a lot of guest spots, so much more than the minimal boy/girl Doom duo they were previously. Album on Profound Lore, what d'you expect?

5 – Don't really like this. Put this on when having dinner if the family get sick of eating to astral-funk and hauntological drone

6 – Follow up to Agbrigg Beast, even lower-fi, murkier. More upwardly aimed melodic hooks, more of that Yorkshire burl. Excellent UKBM.

7 – Chicago based noise rock outfit. Tape out now on Retrograde, destroys seven shades of speakers.

8 – Castlemania is ace. How would it not be?

9 – Absurdly good Dadaist avant-garde-psych-motoric-noise-rock from Russia. They just chuck it all together and it comes out in transcendent form. Free download:

10 – More free stuff, this one from US techno/acid-house producer and abstract occult associate by way of fauxmusica. Check out this page and pass out. New ones are the four along the bottom:

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