Friday, 24 June 2011

DOWNLOAD: Haruki Tamesue - Midas Reversed (Golden Arms Versions) & Copy-Paste Cliche Death Rave

Here's a couple of recent releases from the scarily hi-octane output of US producer Haruki Tamesue. The guy never seems to sit still and his Bandcamp site is the busiest I have ever seen - enjoy working through all his releases by most appealing title vs. artwork and see what treats you turn up.  He also has a page to follow on Soundcloud.

Here's some free beats to kick your Friday into gear.

Midas Reversed (Golden Arms Versions)

As much of an official single as Haruki has ever released - still free - features the Original mix, a live version, and a ridiculous ghetto juke remix that bounces beats of four walls, ceiling and floor in a disorienting spatial movement, dragging male and female vocals (or heavily warped either way one or t'other), across the mix in equally incoherent patterns - synched to the beat of course but the voices make vapour trails over the heaving basslines that hang in the wake, bobbing and sinking disconcertingly; at first.

Copy-Paste Cliche Death Rave

First track of this is Slow Burn - honey-vocalled club smash, that pumps itself against a durrty interlocked throb of bass and mid-range, a lithe and syrupy de-bass-ed euphoric house number, sequins and mdma crystals sparkling off its gold boob tube.  Following on the heels of that is a murkier number with the name D3d R4v3r. So you can guess how that goes but you might not have anticipated the screams after the drop..... <- spoiler.   Two more tracks tease out these themes - there's a helluva lot of dark drone across these tracks for a rave record, but this guy is all about the subversive, chopping up vocals into corrupt interstitial overlaps of their former selves, flickering between the audible rhythmic and disintegrated textural. An interesting listen, but it's the first track you'll want to come back to again and again for the fun of it - So good someone made a video for it:  William Sarradet who has also directed clips for SleepOver and †‡†....

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