Thursday, 23 June 2011

DOWNLOAD: Mother Network - χτέναφέρω

Mother Network

Another new album for you from Texan one-man ambient psychedelic maestro Mother Network. This one is, in his own words, built of "moogy and depressing/regressing/encouraging seascapes", sounding quite succesfully like it a a bonus. The Soviet styled heiroglyph χτέναφέρω reads teno-fora, though that doesn't clue me in any more as to what it might mean - whether meaning is important with music that is all about feling is a moot point.  Mother Network is becoming increasingly adept at conveying the transcendent through his minimal synth evocations and this album adds an even greater depth and extra layers to his previous releases.

The download comes with a video for Colloblasts created by Alex Mitchell of Heavy Brainfall.

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