Wednesday, 15 June 2011

DOWNLOAD: Vortex Rikers - One Of Us / A New Dawn

Two new tracks from German witch house ambient duo Vortex Rikers prior to a full album due around Autumn time. Until then One Of Us and A New Dawn exist as ephemeral tracks floating out on their own, two doomy tracts of dark drone rich with a sense of uneasy dangerous fragility about them, a character borne from eerie modulation and half light figures that swish through the mist, the tolling bell melodies and the haunting slash and slap of beats and hi hats. Vortex Rikers are one of the most consistent and prolific acts around with a sizeable collection of releases available from their Bandcamp and Soundcloud.  These two new pieces meld into their catalogue like appartitions drifting through fog, cutting new shapes in the gloomy fabric of the bands aesthetic. Two more excellent additions to their canon.

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